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Cruz Cues

Magic Clean

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Most snooker players clean their most valuable cues only with damp or dry cloths from the club. But in most cases, the cloths are full of dirt and bacteria!

To keep your snooker cue healthy and powerful (at its best condition) for a longer span of time, consider cleaning your cue after each practice, or playing sessions to prevent harmful substances or bacteria causing damages to your valuable cue, even a single tiny dust could scratch the shaft a little by little each time. So don't forget to clean your cue with Magic Clean, a decent cleaning agent specific for snooker/pool cue.

Magic Clean is specifically formulated to provide the best PH balance for your cue and won’t affect its original finishing whether it is oil, wax or lacquer. The most beneficial part of using Magic Clean is to give your cue a fresh, stain free, ultimate smooth wood feathering feeling where other products can't.

Why Choose “Magic Clean"

- Unique and special formula designed for snooker/pool cue

- Best PH balance

- Alcohol-free and Eco Friendly formula

- Kills common types of germs

- Leaves no film and residues

- Safe for all wooden products ( Non-edible; External application only )

- Best natural wood feathering feel

Direction For Use:

1. Spray the "Magic Clean" a few times on a kitchen paper towel.

2. Wipe the whole cue down several times.

3. Wipe off any excess with a clean cloth until fully dry.

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