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Cruz Cues

Cruzcues Exclusive Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro 1G snooker white cue ball

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Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro 1G snooker white cue ball

Cruzcues Exclusive 1G White Ball Cruzcues Exclusive 1G White Ball comes with an exquisite metal case for easy storage. Now you can enjoy your game with your own top quality professional white ball - enough of the underweight and bruised white cue balls in the house.

1G - Tournament Champion Snooker Balls
1G Tournament Champion phenolic balls as used in all W.S.A. and I.B.S.F. Tournaments are now exclusively available from Cruzcues. For over 40 years Aramith have supplied sets of Tournament Champion balls to the World Snooker Professional Players Association. Whilst they may appear to be standard Tournament Champion snooker sets they are in fact drastically different having only a one gram maximum weight difference between balls in a set rather than the 3 gram tolerance within a standard set of Tournament Champion balls. This reduction in tolerance allows the W.S.A. professional players to reach the highest scores during W.S.A. Tournaments. Made in Belgium.

Why Choose 1G White Ball

- Personal White Ball for better performance

- No more underweight bruised house cue ball

- Exclusive Metal Case for storage


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